#295 collapse of society caused by PcTerror.com as SolutionMilitary.com is BuiltByKeith

### World rebroadcast Oct 2, 2015.
Keith Duncan. Cell +63-0917-335-4300. Globe carrier Manila Philippines
Since the USA military is the most powerful and non political agency, they are the obvious groups to investigate the IRS, FBI, AG officials tied to terrorist Rose. FBI James Comey and AG Loretta Lynch have been legally and dutifully notified for now years. They have never had any choice but to contact Keith Duncan directly to avoid the congressional Inquiry I have offered to testify with USA military investigators on how one terrorist has infiltrated so,many count pay, state, and federal agencies and remains at large and alive.
These are the most powerful testimonies for a single federal Judge and special prosecutor to complete what I researched and exposed as the prime teacher of justice and equality that has no public exposure despite all,these confirmed broadcasts and direct visit contacts with now thousands of concerned citizens.

Hello to our world. My work to save humanity by teaching them how to deal with life, remove crime, conduct ethical business transactions, and actually survive their own predatory greed was completed years ago. In the meantime, I have personally fine tuned these ultimate Acts of Wisdom to near perfection.

Wechat to Marites and the World.
I just created TeenPenny.com for TeenMM.com Philippine. tell ALL your friends to NOTIFY their families so THEY can all GO HOME as soon as PUBLICITY finally breaks out on WHO I AM. For it has always been about WHO YOU ARE. I am here on Earth for #1 reasons of representing GOD’s best interests.
I am not perfect. Nether was my-our GodFather Christ Jesus despite what some people preach. For I TEACH the world the same. How to LOVE and CARE for each other.

Find SOMEONE in your Hong Kong building who has WI-FI, or ask your new employer so you can Wechat with Ezekiel and your family. The new BOSS should be thrilled with your technology communication to be a HAPPY helper for his family. Set the standards NOW, including you get 24 hour period off ONCE A WEEK. For domestic worker abuse is truly Slave Trading Enterprises that even Info@HongKongFP.com and news@SCMP.com will be thrilled to hear YOU speak about. Keith

we are getting HD TV and Internet installed right now. I am paying of course. I have NOT made any major travel plans yet. I have not contacted USA GOV or USA embassy for now weeks. I still need #1 Publicity campaign to FINALLY complete all I have gifted to all of humanity. GOD is still the only benefactor who truly protects me, and GOD has not put a penny in my bank account up to this point either. I have been now waiting for 8 VERY LONG years to retrieve my OWN stolen asset raw CASH defrauded by the criminals I have been showing on so many websites and DIRECT calls and visits.

Do you have a good/best suggestion on where I should focus with the world? I have pursued Justice to the extreme, and always got DEAD SILENCE I still broadcast to the world…..

## end of world transmission by Wechat and other formats.

Oct 1, 2015. I am still near Manila broadcasting all Truths of the reality of our mutual world. After being kidnapped multiple times, fighting the USA Government for their attempt murder of myself for they PROSECUTED me for the crimes committed by Rose, Ms. Bashama, Doug Duncan, Ex-wife Sherry Duncan(sons Matthew and Kyle directly tied to their own conspiracies), and all the resulting LIAR-LAwyers who I paid as well as each Judge, Prosecutor, District Attorney, Public Defender (PUKE PRE=Tender), each Police Investigator, each IRS,FBI,AG,USMarshal, GA State Bar, my own Congressman, my own churches, and literally all who SEE the # of felony crimes and who is directly tied to the worse Terrorist Cybercriminal of all time. Robert Dee Rose.

I am sitting here near Manila with the Gonzales family children youth talking about their
Future under Uniocracy.com created for our entire world.

Use bidOnKeith.com to complete your own destinies.
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