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Cheap Holidays: 40 Destinations You Must Visit

Hi there everyone, who is enthusiastic about cheap holidays destinations! Today wewill briefly present you one of the most interesting top places to visit, where you don’t need to spend all of your money, yet still it will be a vacation worth remembering.

The particular video and article on website will include many different countries, with various points of interest and climates adjusted for individuals who like lazy vacations such as sunbathing on the beaches as well as those who are more into active time-spending,conquering mountain ranges or hitchhiking.

To keep it clear, transparent and simple. We’ve divided our list on several parts.We made a decision to categorize the accepted places by each continent, so that it can help you select whether you want to see Africa, one of the Americas, Europe or Asia.

The full list of cheap holidays destinations included in the video:

Albania (Europe)
Bolivia (South America)
Bulgaria (Europe)
Cambodia (Asia)
Poland (Europe)
Croatia (Europe)
Czech Republic (Europe)
Ecuador (South America)
Egypt (Africa)
Estonia (Europe)
Faroe Islands (Europe)
Germany (Europe)
Guatemala (Central America)
Honduras (Central America)
Hungary (Europe)
Iceland (Europe)
India (Asia)
Indonesia (Asia)
Jordan (Asia)
Kenya (Africa)
Laos (Asia)
Latvia (Europe)
Portugal (Europe)
Macedonia (Europe)
Malawi (Africa)
Malaysia (Asia)
Montenegro (Europe)
Morocco (Africa)
Nepal (Asia)
Nicaragua (Central America)
Peru (South America)
Philippines (Asia)
Romania (Europe)
Greek Islands (Europe)
Serbia (Europe)
Slovenia (Europe)
Thailand (Asia)
Turkey (Europe)
Venezuela (South America)
Vietnam (Asia)

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