Welcome to the MapperCast’s Official Alternate Future of the World series. Each member is working on a specific area of the world with their own story line. After a few episodes, we will start piecing it together and see what kind of story we will come up with. (It may be a disaster but it will be pretty original and interesting).

Disclaimer: This video is not realistic or political. It is not intended to insult anyone or reflect on real world events.

Another Disclaimer: This series is not associated with my Alternate Future of the World in Countryballs series.

●Why are there missing features that you normally use or why is it more basic? ●

Each of us have different styles. VoidViper has a much different style from the rest of the MapperCast crew and thus, VoidViper decided to stick to the basics of slides. Despite this, the textbox feature is used based on the feedback from last episode.

●How Do the Years Change?●
Starting from 2:15, the years will change every two minutes.
Each of us will work on the slides separately based on the specific area we were given. Once we have completed the slides, it will all be put together into one video. You may also call this, solving a puzzle. (Ones that involves puzzle pieces)

VoidViper – Asia and Oceania Continent
Mindria Mapping – Middle East and the Stans
Batran99 – Europe
Cosmic Mapping – Americas
Italian Mapper Chris – Africa
Video Editing by VoidViper
If you would like to hear us discuss about the functionality of this series, be sure to check out the 14th episode of the MapperCast PodCast:

Note: Li Allan will not be participating (yet) due to his computer being broken

Note 2: Italian Mapper Chris’ computer broke down and his part was cut short. That is why the civil war is animated.
– How in the world did the video editing not copy and pasted the crossfade when I copied and pasted the clouds? It was 3 am in the morning when I renedered this, give me a break.
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