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This Is The Smartest Way To Spend Your Tax Refund

Happy tax season! The average tax refund will likely amount to about $3,000 this year, according to IRS data. And what will we do with this thrilling windfall? ...Only about 11 percent of Americans plan to spend their refunds on travel, according to a recent survey...

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Have you dealt with the most annoying hotel guests?

(CNN)While "hot tub canoodlers" and "business bar boozers" receive their share of withering looks from their fellow hotel guests, no group inspires more wrath than inattentive parents.   Their lackadaisical wrangling of kids gone wild annoys two-thirds of American...

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Top 10 industrial-chic hotels and hostels

If youre a fan of the raw concrete and exposed brick aesthetic, book into one of these converted factories or offices where the design is bare, bold and beautiful Sekeping Kong Heng, Ipoh, Malaysia With beds made from wire fencing (dont worry, the mattresses on top...

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