Cuba is the pearl of the Caribbean Sea. Thanks to the colonial past, Havana – the capital – has plenty of palaces, nice mansions, cathedrals, strong forts, and shady alleys. On the streets the automobiles of the 50’s from United States create a huge contrast with the coaches. Trinidad is full of palaces built by the sugar barons, while Santa Clara is the town of the legendary revolutionary, Che Guevara. Guama shows us an Indian village and a crocodile farm, Varadero offers white, sandy beaches shaded by large palm trees and luxury hotels. In the Tropicana, the band is moving to a heartwarming music. In the famous bars, as the Floridita or the Bodaguita, we can remember Hemingway, and drink from the local rum or the cocktails prepared from it, moreover we can light a good Cuban cigar as well.
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Things to do in Alaska | Alaska’s Top 4 Travel destinations
Alaska’s Top 4 Travel destinations | Things to do in Alaska
Alaska’s Top 4 Travel destinations | Must See Attractions
Alaska Top 4 Travel destinations/ Alaska Travel Guide / travel The Last Frontier

State slogan: North to the Future.

State recap: Plan your trip to the largest state in America. Alaska: It’s beyond your dreams, yet within your reach.

Why you should visit: With awe-inspiring scenic beauty, enormous ice-age glaciers and abundant wildlife, Alaska is like nowhere else on earth. You’ll find a wide variety of activities in Alaska, everything from the mild to the wild. Whatever you do, traveling in Alaska is just plain fun!

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