In #Vedic #Astrology there are many #yogas in a #horoscope. Some are #auspicious and some are #inauspicious. There are certain yogas that indicate a native’s #destiny to travel to foreign lands, either permanently or temporarily. When the #dasha or #antardasha of favorable planets begins, the native gets the opportunity for these yogas to manifest. Learn more at

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Jack Pattillo and his bucket of news are missing this week, Ryan is still banned for life from AHWU, and Geoff’s not going to bother. That means it’s up to the younger half of Achievement Hunter to bring you the news. News in the office. New in the hallway. News outside. If AHWU wasn’t recorded and released in the same day, maybe the news could have even been delivered from Oklahoma or whatever other state the news team may have traveled to. Maybe it could have been delivered right outside your home! It wasn’t, but it could have been, because this is news that travels. Right now, just down the hallway and outside in the parking lot. But later, the sky’s the limit. It’s the World Class Traveling News Team bringing the news to you wherever they feel like delivering it from. || Video of the Week: || BE PART OF THE AH CREW: || Join in on the conversation at:

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