Discover Europe’s most secret and exciting destinations in a travel through Bohemian country. Colorful history, fascinating folklore, scenic countryside and elegant cities. The charm of these cities will be
memories of a life time.
The major capitals of the region are covered on this multi – country East Europe tour … with most of
them being UNESCO Heritage cities or natural heritage sites – showing you the contrasts and nuances
between the places that once lay either side of the Iron Curtain.
It is still unspoilt by the ravages of mass tourism and have sprung back to life after decades of
The Scenery and landscape along the route is great. All our guests on this route have found themselves
running out of superlatives as they sought to describe their experiences… Lake Bled they said was an
absolute paradise as well as the journey through the Julia Alps. And without exception they were most
pleasantly surprised with the landscape in Poland. The salt mines in Krakow are simply astounding.
Its Insider moments like….settling into each new city with the help of our local guides. They weave their
personal stories into the famous icons you see, like Prague Castle, Auschwitz camp…strolling together
they take you through the cobbled streets and readily share their tips for where to shop, eat so that
you can seamlessly fit in as you explore on your free time…and you experience European rural life too,
returning to nature for 2 nights in Slovenia’s scenic Lake Bled.
Its also about insider tastes, as you sample traditional Hungarian, Polish and Slovenian cuisines
Recommendations of our valued guests have been incorporated for our 2015 programmes.
Add to it … fine hotels, daily American breakfast and dinners, an easy paced itinerary, varied
sightseeing to avoid monotony, entrances to important attractions.
Yes, and 3 delightful evening parties as well. A tour fit for the connoisseur!
It’s the most comprehensive East Europe tour from India