There are so many travel recommendations online, it’s often hard to tell which ones are reliable and up to date. However, when Lonely Planet, undoubtedly the best travel guide in the world, releases their yearly travel recommendations ‘Best In Travel 2016’, you can start booking your holidays without looking any further.
Best in Travel 2016 includes top 10 countries, top 10 cities and top 10 regions, with number one as the most ‘travelable’ place for the coming year. In 2016, the number one place was honored to Botswana (Country, South Africa), Kotor (City, Montenegro) and Transylvania (Region, Romania). 
Let me tell you the best things about this year’s winners as well as what my favorites are from the top ten list.

Best City to Travel in 2016:
Lonely Planet’s Choice: Kotor, Montenegro
Have you ever heard of Kotor? I haven’t, even thought I grew up in Europe. According to some, Montenegro is a less popular but prettier sister of Croatia, which is just a little North-West from the best city of 2016. Kotor is a charming town with European cobble streets surrounded by bold mountains and clear warm water. It would be perfect for those who love the European vibe and culture, but can’t stand the European crowds. I’ve got a feeling we will all hear about Kotor in the future. Best time to go is between May to September, however the flight is on a pricy side, between 00-00 pp from LAX (fly to Podgorica).

Aggie’s Favorite: Fremantle, Australia
I spent well over a year studying in Western Australia and I still remember having one of the best coffees in my life right on High St in the centre of Fremantle. Good old Freo seems more like a suburb of Perth, than a small coastal town (And I say Freo, because Australians can’t do two things – stop talking about real estate and use a full word to call a place or a person they really like!). 
Perth is the 2nd most isolated capital city in the world, only 30 miles closer to Adelaide than Auckland is to Sydney. This makes Freo is VERY isolated. Which makes locals very unique. I guarantee that when you visit the best local brewery Little Creatures and get some brewskis (beer), you will hear a lot of ‘cheers’ and ‘mate’ and ‘no worries’ from true blue aussies (or perhaps I should say true white aussies since multiracialism of Australia is not as noticeable in Perth as it is on the East coast). Freo would be not only a great base for you to to discover the beautiful wineries of Margaret River in the South, but also to go North and enjoy TRULY isolated beaches with some occasional wild dolphins in sight (Monkey Mia). Flights to Freo are a little expensive (about 00 from LAX), but even tough I have visited Western Australia multiple times, I am still planning on spending some extra cash to experience the uniqueness Freo and Perth have to offer.

Here’s a full list of the Lonely Planet’s BEST IN TRAVEL 2016 as seen on their website.

1. Kotor, Montenegro
2. Quito, Equador
3. Dublin, Ireland
4. George Town, Malaysia
5. Rotterdam, the Netherlands
6. Mumbai, India
7. Fremantle, Australia
8. Manchester, England
9. Nashville, USA
10. Rome, Italy

Have you been to any of these places? What are your travel plans for 2016?

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