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Kyoto, Japan – recent
1. Wide of Neil Shaylor and Kim Payne looking through a Japanese bridal catalogue in preparation for their wedding on the following day
2. Close of bridal catalogue
3. SOUNDBITE: (English) Kim Payne, bride
“I’d always kind of joked about never wanting to get married, so I was double shocked. I was thinking, huh? I had no idea at all.”
4. Mid of Neil and Kim studying catalogue
5. SOUNDBITE: (English) Kim Payne, bride
“That night Neil was like, what do you think you want to do for the wedding, and I said go to Japan. And it was really weird, you’d think you’d change your mind, that things develop, but we actually ended up here. Now we’re doing it, which is amazing.”
6. Various of Kim Payne being helped to wear a kimono
7. SOUNDBITE: (English) Neil Shaylor, groom
“Most of the Japanese people are going western with their ideas for weddings, and for us I suppose the same attractions is in reverse. And we’re very much interested in their eastern culture in some ways.”
8. Wide of Neil and Kim discussing the merits of a kimono
9. SOUNDBITE: (English) Neil Shaylor, groom
“Despite coming away from our traditions of what we understand, the white wedding with the Rolls Royce and the confetti. I was still interested with the white kimono with the hood that they often have. And we talked about this a couple of times, and I was still set that we were going to go for a white one until I got here, and I see what was on offer and some of the kimonos that they produced were fantastic.”
10. Close of kimono being folded
11. Wide of Kim Payne trying on a kimono in front of mirror
12. Mid of Kim looking at kimono’s
13. Various of Kim standing wearing a different kimono
14. Pan of Nanzenji Temple complex
15. Wide of Neil, Kim and their son Felix arriving at Nanzenji and posing for photos
16. Various of family members taking photographs of couple
17. Close of couple
18. Couple enters Nanzenji Inn temple
19. SOUNDBITE: (Japanese) Aoki Yukiko, head of public relations at Watabe Wedding
“This kind of wedding is still a rare case. But as the attraction of Japan and particularly Kyoto becomes more well known more and more couples from outside Japan are choosing to marry here.”
20. Various of couple being led into the temple by Goto Norio San, the monk who will lead the wedding ceremony
21. SOUNDBITE: (English) Neil Shaylor, groom
“I think that of all the things that, all the hurdles that we’ve had to climb in organising the wedding. The thing that I thought was going to be the most difficult, become the easiest, and that was the actual ceremony itself.”
22. Various of wedding ceremony
23. SOUNDBITE: (Japanese) Goto Norio, monk leading the ceremony
“All nationalities are equal. It is from this stand point that people from abroad marry in Japan and that Japanese people are now frequently marrying in other countries. So at Nanzenji temple once or twice per year couples tie their destinies together here, too.”
24. Close of couple exchanging juzu (Buddhist traditional prayer beads) and rings
25. Mid of couple bowing
26. Close of couple drinking from ceremonial cup San San Ku Do (in this part of the ceremony the couple take a total of 9 sips of nuptial sake)
27. Close of bride drinking from cup
28. Wide of couple and monk holding sake and carrying ceremonial cup
29. Close of groom drinking from cup
30. Wide of couple kissing after ceremony
A couple from the United Kingdom have married in a traditional Japanese ceremony in Kyoto.
Dressed in elaborate kimonos the couple’s nuptials took place in a Zen temple lead by a Buddhist monk.
In recent years many Japanese couples have shunned traditional ceremonies in favour of more Western style weddings.
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