I hear babies cry, I watch them grow, they learn much more that I’ll ever know

CEZ PAMPLONA ( Ceasar Octaviano Pamplona Jr. in real full name) is a typical guy who was born and raised from the province of Norala, South Cotabato, Philippines. A happy and comic guy for his friends definitely loves singing since childhood. He was influenced by his parents who love singing. He was inspired by his father who often sings for him before bedtime while staring at the brilliant moon during night time, and while lying in a refreshing, cold bamboo floored “Bahay Kubo” house in a little known barrio “Dumaguil”. His mother also rigidly trained him to sing and dance on stage during his elementary days, learned to overcome his shyness and stage fright, until molded him into a brave young performer.

Born in 26th of September, single, Filipino guy influenced by singing oldies, pop, ballad, then into different music genre that turned him into versatile.

He was then applauded of his performances in, and all over Metropolis Sing along Bars until formally developed vocal lessons and productions at Center for Pop Music Philippines (CPMP).

Singing, and hosting Invitations from different Organizations, City Events, parties, as well as wedding events are now he’s into. Aws! He does some in a funeral! It’s a thing he shared that can never be forgotten in his singing career.

He said, “I don’t demand talent fees but since my audience demand so much of my performances, then they give me tokens more than I expected at the end of the show. Music is in my heart, singing is my comfort zone and a therapy against the tool of time and problems, It’s not how I able to reach high tones but how I able to reach the hearts of my audience, and to be entertained of my performances really makes me complete and confident to tell the world, hey, it’s me — A Singer!”.

A graduate of Mass Communications that turned him into a Travel and Tour Consultant experienced him to travel in Asia.

A crooner himself believes that it’s his destiny to sing his favorite songs that are now being uploaded in Youtube and continue to share more to all music lovers local and International.

Invade Hollywood music Industry and sing with all crooners are some of his wildest dreams.

He is currently lives in Manila, Philippines.

More of his activities, visit his facebook www.facebook.com/ceasar.pamplona – message him!

Email Addresses: norala_malediva@yahoo.com & happiness_travel@yahoo.com.ph
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